Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Miracles

Hey Thank you so much dad for sharing with me the wonderful week you guys had.  I'm glad you had an awesome valentines. . . . and wow look at you getting all hip now with your iphones....lol thats exciting!
So in the MTC we had a mission president come talk to us.  He told us one thing that he does with his missionaries in his mission.  Whenever an appointment fails contact the first person you see or the houses around the investigators house.  He said that Heavenly Father has a reason for everything.  He also said, "Since I have told them this,  I have been calling each zone leader and asking if they have been having "LITTLE MIRACLES".  This is what he calls it when they have success from doing what he asked.... and each week the missionaries would report to him their little miracles.
 My companion and I had a LITTLE MIRACLE this week.  We ended up not bringing anyone to church, all of our investigators flaked, but instead of feeling down we did what this mission president suggested.  We saw an ally that we have never tracted before.  As we were tracting we didn't really have success but then we got to the last house and a woman let us in.  Her name is Dionesia and she is awesome.  We sang and prayed and immediatly started talking about baptism.  She said,  "If I'm 100 percent sure about this church I will be baptized."  My companion left not thinking that she was going to progress but we went back the other day and before we could say anything to her she told us she wants to get baptized. =) We have a date set for this 28 de febrero!   She is dominate and is gaining a strong testimony of the church.  I know the Lord is preparing people to be baptized into His kingdom. Our job as missionaries (and when I say missionaries I mean both fulltime missionaries and members) is to seek and find these lost brothers of ours.  I have no doubt in my mind that there are people ready to recieve this beautiful gospel and we as members need to rid ourselves of selfishness and share this wonderful gospel with others.  We need to open our mouths and share it because I know there are more people like Dionesia out there.
Dad, I know you always wanna know how the weather is so I'll let you know right now it is beautiful and sunny and its been like this for a while.  I'm glad you guys have been having sun, too.=) Well I'd better get going.  Oh yeah,  the mission President has been trying to call you guys to get grandpa's number to talk about the oil vials.  President Romney really wants to talk to grandpa so make sure you guys pick up ok?  I love you all and I hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey Everybody,
I'm glad to hear everything went really well last week.=) This last Friday we baptized Rosy, the one that showed up out of the blue at church the Sunday before. She is golden. We met her on Sunday and she accepted her date to be baptized for last Friday. We baptized her at the Stake Center next to the Temple. It was a beautiful experience.
This last week we have been working hard on finding new investigators. Last night we met a man named Ricardo who is from Oaxaca Mexico. He is a native Indian and speaks Spanish in 4 different dialects. He is from a little village but is here selling handcrafted baskets from the people of his village. We started talking to him and he mentioned to us that Quetzalcoatl (Jesus Christ) came and visited his ancestors and taught them. My companion and I were in awe. Then we showed him a picture of when Jesus Christ came to the Americas and he said, " Hey, you guys have the white Indians in the picture too!" He told us there used to be white Indians here along time ago before the Spaniards came. Then he told us not many people know that. He also talked about how in some of the pyramids it talks about records recorded on golden plates. It's crazy how much he knew. We are going to go see him and give him a Book of Mormon so he can put it with his knowledge to help him see the truth. It definitely was a testimony builder talking to him. I can't wait to see what happens with him. I've gotta go but just know I love you all and I'm so grateful for everything you guys do for me. I love you and remember that the Lord loves you all.

Wikipedia:  Some Mormon scholars believe that Quetzalcoatl, as a white, bearded God who came from the sky and promised to return, was actually Jesus Christ. According to the Book of Mormon, Jesus visited the American natives after his resurrection.  Latter-day Saint President John Taylor wrote:
"The story of the life of the Mexican divinity, Quetzalcoatl, closely resembles that of the Savior; so closely, indeed, that we can come to no other conclusion than that Quetzalcoatl and Christ are the same being. But the history of the former has been handed down to us through an impure Lamanitish source, which has sadly disfigured and perverted the original incidents and teachings of the Savior's life and ministry."
ancient ruins in Oaxaca Mexico
Monte Alban
Ancient ruins near Oaxaca

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy February!


I'm so glad to hear you all had a great week! I, as well, had a fantastic week here in the mission field. My companion and I baptized a wonderful man named Roberto. I think I have mentioned him before, right? idk but I would like to tell you guys a little about him and our story with him. We found him in the apartments right next to Paseo Santa Lucia. While contacting him, right from the start, I could tell he was someone special. He ended up coming with us to church the next day. He loved it and we set a goal date for baptism with him for the following Sunday. Through the week everything was going great. He was keeping his commitments. One big one was to stop smoking. We set a day for him to be interviewed to see if he was ready to get baptized. He ended up not showing up. I was pretty devastated. =( We tried calling him and he would never pick up. This lasted for about 5 days. I was pretty sure nothing was going to happen with him. But this last Monday night we went to visit some investigators that live by him and after the visit we were walking and I could see a figure of a man that was just like Roberto. I told my companion and we decided to go over towards him. He didn't see that we saw him but he saw us. He hid behind a tree.....lol I was thinking, "Are you serious?" So we went where he couldn't see us. When he came out we surprised him with a visit. To be quite honest, it was very awkward. He told us he was sorry and that he ignored us cause he was scared to be baptized and didn't think he could give up smoking. But that night the Lord changed his thoughts around and he ended up getting baptized yesterday!! It was a wonderful experience to have witnessed the change in Roberto through the merits of this great gospel. This experience really taught me that we need to perseverar hasta el fin....until the end in everything we do and we need not doubt the Lord. Yesterday we were also blessed by recieving a new investigator who wants to be baptized this coming Friday. Her name is Rosy . The Lord is truly blessing us with success.
Tomorrow are changes. I don't know if I'll still be here in Buenos Aires, but we will see!
I'd better get going. I'm running out of time. But mom, about the pictures, today I put all the pictures that I have taken here on my mission onto a cd and I am going to send it, so have a little patience with me and you will be blessed with about 300 photos! ....lol
I love you all and thank you so much for being who you are.
p.s. Mom I'll tell the mission president about the price of the oil vials and let you know what he says next week ok? =) tell Grandpa thanks so much.