Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
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Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
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Monterrey Mexico Temple

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pictures of Judith's baptism

heres some pics... finally...  me cleaning the baptismal font, the baptism of judiths, picture after her confirmation and a picture of us today in la huasteca...=)

Elder Kingston, Judith and Elder Cruz

Judith's baptism

Hey Family,
Lol mom i know my emails are pretty small huh!? I'm sorry, ill try and do better.
Happy Birthday Malia...=)
well this last week was pretty awesome. we had a baptism... whoo hoo.... its pretty interesting how it happened.  about 2 weeks ago Elder Cruz and I started teaching the wife of a less active member. her name is Judith and the members name is Daniel. we taught Judith the restoration and we left her to pray to know if it was true. she did and told us she felt a sense of peace when she prayed and asked. she then accepted a goal to be baptized on the 10th of April, which we were really excited about.. but we lost contact with her because she started to work and a couple of other things. so a week and a half passed and on Friday i was on divisions with Elder Jenkins a District leader in the Zone and it was about 9 at night and i had the feeling we should go visit Judith and see if she was home... we got there and started talking then she said, this Sunday i cant get baptized because i have to work in the afternoon but how about tomorrow... ha ha Elder Jenkins and I looked at each other saying sure that would be alright.... so she was baptized Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. her husband was able to baptize her. they now have a goal to get sealed in the temple in a year. its just crazy how prepared she was, my companion and I only taught her 2 lessons. i truly know that there are many people just like Judith who are ready to receive this gospel. We as members just have to do our part and find them...
oh also pretty crazy, while walking to the church to fill up the baptismal font Saturday, someone threw a grenade in a parking lot in the marketplace. me and my companion arrived 5 minutes after it happened. it was like a scene out of an action movie. there was a man badly injured and a crater in the ground and broken glass everywhere.  it was truly a sad sight to see, you could sense the fear that everyone had. i wasn't too scared though, i felt a sense of peace. and that's why its so important that we share this gospel, so that everyone else can share this peace and joy that we members have...
on another note i am way excited to see all of you in 4 short weeks.... =) and mom that sounds good about the get together Monday...=) and is the stake still having all the returned missionaries talk in each ward??
well i better go and mom i hope this was a little bit more than last time...haha
Love you all,
Elder Kingston

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conference was awesome!

Hey Famileeee,
Conference was awesome wasnt it??? the only thing i missed was being with you all and having breakfast and playing those sweet conference games that mom had so we would pay attention.haha i really loved all the talks and left conference spiritually uplifted.  my companion and I,  Elder Cruz, got to go to all 5 sessions of conference. Saturday as a missionary you were able to go if you brought investigators to church.  we were able to bring 3.=) then Sunday everybody was able to go. i got to watch half of it in English. which was good because the spanish translators have such monotone voices.lol
i in particular liked Elder Hollands talk. wow talk about powerful. as i heard him testify that he knew president monson is the prophet seer and revelator of these days, i felt a warmness come over me helping to strengthen and make firm my testimony of the prophet.
this last week went by super fast, i really like my new companion. as i told you his name is Elder Cruz and he is from Puebla, Mexico. he has 17 months in the mission. We get along great. im sure we will have success this change.
im glad to hear you're finally having nice weather. here in Monterrey its still crazy hot. when i get home i will be looking pretty rosy.
5 weeks crazy right??? the mission is going by so fast. oh i was going to ask if you guys already told keva that we get back on the 12th instead of the 11th???
well i better get going i love you all and wish the best for all of you... have a great week...=) Love
Elder Kingston