Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nobody is Married!

Hey Family,

Miss you guys. im glad to hear you all had a very good week. thats awesome that you had a chance to hangout with leslie and max, im sure you had a blast, and im loving the pictures. haha dads looking pretty cool with your rastas.

this last week our primary here in soli also did a program. the whole time watching the kids singing i was just thinking about all of my nieces and nephews and how they also were singing and performing the same thing. it definitely brought comfort to me. im sure everyone did great in their parts.

good news about jake and katie getting sealed in the temple. thats way exciting, they are going to have a beautiful family. its crazy though that they have already been married a year. time flys by so fast. aren't matt and ericka married too??? wow thats crazy.

well here in solidaridad everything is going good... yesterday we had a baptism, we baptized a girl of 9 years, Miriam.. she is really sweet. her parents (yuliana and guermo) also want to get baptized but they cant right now because they are living together and arent married.. buts thats not all of the problem.. yuliana was married before and hasnt gotten a divorce. but she also has no clue where her husband is. they have been seperated for 7 years. we are going to see what we can do so they also can be baptized. seems to be alot of cases like that here.... NOBODY IS MARRIED!

I am really liking this new position as a D/L i am getting the chance to use another part of the priesthood and help here in the mission in a differant way. its just really time consuming...lol but thanks so much for all your love and support.. right now i gotta get going we're going to go eat little ceasars pizza...yummm well i will talk to you all later LOVE YOU ALL....

Elder Kingston..

Oh and thanks so much mom for sharing that story about maile... =)

write me.... love you all

Sunday, October 24, 2010


hey family.... how have you all been??? i hope fantastic.

its good to hear from you...
well to answer your ? dad, yes Liliana was baptized this last Saturday, but i wasn't there... i got changed to a new area... its still in Monterrey, its called Solidaridad. I'm with elder Morby now who is from Ogden, Utah he has been out 8 months on his mission. its a pretty interesting change because this area is super humongous and now I'm on a bike and the other is i am now a district leader.... i have a district of 9... 3 sister missionaries, 2 other companionships of elders and me and my companion.... haha its pretty interesting. instead of just worrying about my area i have to worry about every one else's too! as a district leader i have to teach all my district every week for an hour and a half in a meeting we have every Tue morning... i call and check up on everyone... and i interview the people that are going to be baptized... to be honest i was really shocked and surprised when they told me... and a little nervous about the whole thing.... but i really am liking it... I'm getting to experience so many things on my mission that i never have before. I'm using it as a learning opportunity.... i think my favorite part is interviewing people to be baptized.... the spirit is so strong and it helps me to see how i can improve in my teaching so that when the investigator has their interview they feel comfortable in answering...

i know David was a district leader... i was wanting to ask you for some good ideas or activities i could do in my meetings??? if you have any good tips or ideas hit me with them... Jaycee and Kenji too....=)

well i don't have too much time to write but i just want you all to know i love you and pray for you everyday.... have a beautiful week.... LOVE YOU GUYS....

Elder Kingston

My Testimony of Jesus Christ

Hey Family,
Happy Birthday David and Jaycee!  I hope you guys had a great birthday...=) David your getting old bro....30 whoa
haha well I'm glad to hear you all had a great week.... here in the mission everything is going great... we had the baptism of Priscilla on Saturday it was very special... we also had her and Edna's confirmation on Sunday...=)and this Sunday Lilliana will be getting baptized... I'm pretty excited about that.... she is also really excited for this opportunity to start over brand new and perfect....
tonight we find out if we have changes.... i am kind of stuck in the middle of wanting to go and staying.... i would like to go because i already have more than 4 months here in this area and its really small.... the reason why i would like to stay is for my converts here . . . and my companion... i love each and everyone of my converts.... each of them have their own story of conversion to this beautiful gospel.
haha yeah  president Treadway is right i do have a pretty hard head... everything has been fine with my stitches, i will be having them taken out this wed... so don't worry too much... oh and responding to dads ? about what i would like for Christmas.... haha i know when i was little i always liked making a Christmas list... i think that was one of the things i liked most about Christmas... making a list and waiting ...having patience and hoping that I would get what I asked. for!   till this day i still like making Christmas lists....haha here are some things that i wouldn't mind receiving for Christmas:

Letters from every body.... pictures..... perfect push up :)  i don't know if you guys have ever seen it before but should be easy to find,  i would really love one because i need to get back into shape!  my new balance running shoes.... i don't know where they are but should be around the house.... 212 cologne.... ties.... socks....white shirts... etc.... there's a few things =) your probably saying wow James hasn't changed at all.... hes still greedy... haha I'm sorry.... ill try and work on it!

well i guess i better get going but i just want you all to know that i truly have a strong testimony of this great work that i have a privilege to be in. i know that each and every one of us are a son and daughter of a father who is in heaven. i know that he wants for each and every one of us to return to his presence, and that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ here on earth so that we can return and live with him in his heavenly kingdom. and my love for my savior and redeemer Jesus Christ is great, he truly came down from his throne in his kingdom in heaven to take upon him all of our iniquities, trials, sickness and affliction so that we may find peace and love in this life and the next.... that we may have hope in entering the kingdom of God. i truly am grateful for Him because through Him i can go back and live with Him and my Father in Heaven and my beautiful family here on earth. these things am i so grateful for and know to be true and i share it with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen. =)
Elder Kingston

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7 stitches

Hey family!
How have you all been??? It sounds like you are all doing great. General conference was awesome, huh?! Luckily I got to see all sessions except Saturday afternoon.  It was a wonderful and special experience, especially when you bring investigators and you can watch them and their reactions when they first see the prophet for the first time. We brought Liliana. She is a single mother and is 22.  We brought her to the morning session on Sunday and she had a great experience.  I looked over and she was crying after  President Monson's talk.  I asked her how she felt and she told me," really good" =) Priscilla also went, she liked it alot. She will be getting baptized this Saturday.

So I got my first set of stiches here in Mexico haha! ( I bet mom's mouth just dropped) and I got them today.!  7 of them in my head.  This morning we went to the temple and after a beautiful session we went to play soccer. Everything was going great.  I made 3 goals whoo hoo!  The ball was up in the air and I went to head butt the ball ,as was Elder Choate, and unfortunately we bumped heads! Luckily Elder Choate just got a big bump on his head but I  had to go get stiches, ha ha! What a fun missionary story to tell.  I had my first stiches while on my mission.  This happened about 4 hours ago.
Other than the stiches there isn't a whole lotta news. Elder Lopez and I are working hard and we are definitely seeing blessings from our Father in Heaven.  Thankyou so much for your prayers, they really help alot. Sometimes it gets really hard when I think about you because I really miss all of you. But I know that you are all praying for me and that really gives me comfort.  Thankyou so much for that.
Wel,l I've gotta get going, times running out... just remember that I love each and every one of you and I think about you all the time.
Have a great week...=)
Elder Kingston

Monday, October 4, 2010

Letter from September 20, 2010

Hola family!'

It's good to hear from you! sounds like this week was alot calmer than the other weeks...haha wow thats crazy you guys are actually thinking about moving... do you think you will move before I get home?? That would be so wierd... by the picture it looks like a really nice house... haha but I think any house looks nice after being surrounded by concrete houses and with these missionary houses that none of the missionaries clean.... jk and mom I'm really excited for you and your gettaway week with grandma and your sisters... sounds like lots of fun...=)
This week went by super fast.... apart from finding and teaching the gospel, we had the opportunity to celebrate the independence of Mexico... which was in 1810 against the Spaniards.... it was really fun and we took some investigators ( Edna, Priscilla and Abraham) they really liked it.... Edna was going to get baptized Sunday but instead is going to be baptized tommorrow..=) she is really excited and is going to be such a great convert... also Priscilla has a baptism goal for this Sunday... so we will see how that goes...
 My companion and I are in finding mode, working really hard so that we can find those people who are prepared and ready to follow our Savior Jesus Christ.. it's going to be a great week...=) but to answer your ? mom my companion and I are getting along great.  With every companion I learn something new, with Elder Lopez I really believe it's humbleness. He has had such a rough life and is still so grateful for all that he has. I'm so grateful for all the many opportunities I have to learn here on the mission and I am definitely taking advantage of it! well I've gotta go but remember that I love every single one of you and pray for you all everyday.
Elder Kingston
oh and dad good luck on your talk.... =)