Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Monday, June 14, 2010

San Nicolas

hey family.....
Im glad you guys had a great week.... the party for katrina kenji and kingston sounded awsome.... its all good ill be there for their next birthday....=)
and mom thats nice your gonna be able to have more time with not having work.... that should take a little stress away.... well this last week was pretty crazy we had transfers. they ended up shutting my last area due to not many missionaries coming. so they had to close all the small areas that werent having success, but they should be opening it back up again in a while... well i am now back here in monterrey... im kinda in the suburbs.... it would be like being in davis from sacramento..... the area is in San Nicolas..... im really enjoying this area, im with an american now.... Elder Combe from Draper, Utah he has 5 months in the mission he's awsome we make a good team... really hard worker... he plays football and rugby too so we have alot in common....=)
we have alot of sweet investigators one of them ,adam ,is really cool, hes way animated we told him about an activity last thursday... and we had a little bit of a misunderstanding.... we told him we were gonna pick him up at night around 730 to go but he thought it was in the morning so obviously we didnt show in the morning and he decided to go looking for the church.... haha we got there at night and he was like hey i was waiting for you guys.... we felt kinda bad but it truly showed how much he really wants to go to church... we have plans to have him get baptized in 2 weeks. . .  him and his sister..... im pretty stoked....
well i better get going dont have much time.... but i hope you guys have a great trip to utah and idaho and let ALL THE FAMBAM KNOW I LOVE THEM.....=)
oh and mom about that package.... is their any way you could send me a portable cd player, i dont know if there are any lying around the house.... and some speakers??? i forgot to tell you guys but we are not aloud to have video ipods anymore.... so im without music..... and some cds would be nice....=) david can you send me some of your raised in faith cds and a couple mixes.... i love you buddy.... oh and my giants hat too would be nice..... mom could you do that for me??? love you......
Elder Kingston

Monday, June 7, 2010

Felipe's Baptism

Hey Family,
Thanks so much for the emails. I love hearing about your weeks. The upcoming weeks sound like they're gonna be busy, especially this week with all these birthdays.. Happy Birthday Kenji , Katrina and Kingston.... let me know how your birthdays went.  Maybe you guys can send me a piece of cake..lol That's cool you guys are all going on vacation...whoo hoo....haha thats good you and dad are going to help grandma and grandpa with the reunion... im sure they really appreciate that..
This week was last week of changes and it went really well.  Friday we baptized Felipe (Peluche)  We were about to do the ordnance and then he said he would like to give a prayer beforehand. He gave one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard.  In his prayer he made some promises to God and gave alot of thanks. It was very spiritual.. With experiences like this,  it really just makes me wanna work harder so that every single person that passes me has the opportunity to hear of this wonderful gospel. As missionaries, sometimes we choose who we want to contact, we judge alot and we don't contact certain people because they're wealthy or they look like drug addicts... but I learned that we need to open our mouths about the gospel to everyone and let them decide whether or not they wanna listen, we should not be the ones to decide...
I am really excited to be staying another change here in Saltillo.  I am even more excited because I don't have to pack....haha!  but even after 13 months in the mission I still get nervous for transfers and getting a new companion... haha! I know I'm a sissy.
Well I've gotta go but I'll hurry and send some pictures of the baptism.
Love you all and have a great week.


hey family
Thankyou so much for the emails and for the pictures of malias blessing.. she looks adorable!
sounds like you all had another week jampacked with fun things to do. and to be totally honest i didnt remember it was memorial day today, but im glad you guys have the day off to hangout.
this last week went pretty good in my area. we moved houses, our new house is so much better and cheaper, we didnt really move far only about 4 blocks.lol it was a bit of work to clean the old house and move though... i hope i dont have to do that again on my mission...lol ill make sure to send pictures of the new house next week...
also this sunday we had 2 investigadores in church. paola and peluche who are neighbors.  they are both really cool. they're just a little confused right now in their lifes but thats why we are here as missionaries... to help them....we put a goal with them to get baptized this sunday they said they will have to think about it.. so we are going to their house tonight to see what they're answer is. im hoping and praying that they will accept...
we also had interviews last week with president romney... he basically told my companion that he was leaving the next change which is next tuesday...so it looks like im gonna be in saltillo for at least a month and a half more which im pretty excited about cause i love it here...to be honest i hate changing areas... because you never know what to expect.. but then after the first week everything is all good.
well i gotta go but remember i love you all and that im always praying for your well being....Love you guys so much
Elder Kingston