Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Patience Is a Process of Perfection"

Hey family,
I'm happy to hear the family reunion was a blast. Sounds like alot of people went, which is good.  I would love to have been there but it's all good.  I'll be there next year.=) JAKE'S BAPTISM SOUNDED LIKE AN AWESOME SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE.!  He's going to remember that for the rest of his life..
Everything sounded good until dad told me what happened to him. It really scared me!  I'm just so happy that nothing happened to you, Dad.  The Lord definitely is watching out for you.  That was definitely a little miracle.  I'm glad you're safe!
Everything is going great here.  Combe and I are workin hard and lovin it.  Even if for now we're not seeing many results.  I know the blessings will come and maybe they are here already I just can't see them!  One thing that I have learned this week is from a talk by President Uchtdorf about patience.  There is a quote that says...." patience is a process of perfection" that really has helped me out alot. In D&C it says if we bring but one soul unto God how glorious it will be.  I like to think that that first soul is ourselves.  This opportunity to be a missionary and serve the Lord has really helped me grow and become more like the Savior.  I'm going to take advantage of the good times and the hard times here on my mission as growing experiences.
This last week went well. We found a few good people that look like they're going to progress.
This 4th of July is gonna be a downer...haha!  Nobody celebrates it here obviously, haha!  My companion and I were talking about how we wanna have a little party between us two.... so we'll see how that goes...haha!  Oh and thanks so much for sending that cd player and cds... it got here really fast.  I was very suprised. Oh yeah I gotta ? about my atm card.  How am I supposed to activate it?  Well I really gotta go. But remember that I love you all and I pray for all of you every day.

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