Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7 stitches

Hey family!
How have you all been??? It sounds like you are all doing great. General conference was awesome, huh?! Luckily I got to see all sessions except Saturday afternoon.  It was a wonderful and special experience, especially when you bring investigators and you can watch them and their reactions when they first see the prophet for the first time. We brought Liliana. She is a single mother and is 22.  We brought her to the morning session on Sunday and she had a great experience.  I looked over and she was crying after  President Monson's talk.  I asked her how she felt and she told me," really good" =) Priscilla also went, she liked it alot. She will be getting baptized this Saturday.

So I got my first set of stiches here in Mexico haha! ( I bet mom's mouth just dropped) and I got them today.!  7 of them in my head.  This morning we went to the temple and after a beautiful session we went to play soccer. Everything was going great.  I made 3 goals whoo hoo!  The ball was up in the air and I went to head butt the ball ,as was Elder Choate, and unfortunately we bumped heads! Luckily Elder Choate just got a big bump on his head but I  had to go get stiches, ha ha! What a fun missionary story to tell.  I had my first stiches while on my mission.  This happened about 4 hours ago.
Other than the stiches there isn't a whole lotta news. Elder Lopez and I are working hard and we are definitely seeing blessings from our Father in Heaven.  Thankyou so much for your prayers, they really help alot. Sometimes it gets really hard when I think about you because I really miss all of you. But I know that you are all praying for me and that really gives me comfort.  Thankyou so much for that.
Wel,l I've gotta get going, times running out... just remember that I love each and every one of you and I think about you all the time.
Have a great week...=)
Elder Kingston

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