Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Sunday, December 5, 2010

La Fama

Hey Family....=)
I hope you all had a great thanksgiving.... aww man all that food is making my mouth water right now... its all good, ill be their next year...=) but to answer your ? mom no we didnt celebrate thanksgiving because its not a tradition here....haha bummer huh!? lol...thats sweet you guys got your Christmas trees already... me and my companion are thinking about buying a Christmas tree here... haha i need something to get me excited for Christmas....lol
so this last week we had changes.... i totally thought my companion Elder Morby was going to leave from solidaridad because he already had 4 changes their (6 months) and me just 1 change (6 weeks) but No...haha they left him their another change which means hes going to have 7 and a half months their.... and as for me i am now in an Area called La Fama in the zone mitras,and they changed me from District leader to a Zone Leader... im now with Elder Kioa who is from Reno, Nevada.... he is really chill hes tongan... haha me and him have always been good friends throughout the mission... its cool that were companions now... he has 21 months in the mission... just a little bit more than me.... this is going to be a great experience being in charge of a whole zone... haha we have the richest parts of Monterrey and all of Mexico in our zone.... its going to be fun....=)
well i gotta go dont have much time... but just want you guys to remember that i love and care for each and everyone of you.... i hope you have a great week...
Elder Kingston
p.s. mom thanks so much for the pics.... everyone looks great...=)
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