Elder Kingston and Elder Combes

Elder Kingston and Elder Combes
Monterrey, Mexico 8/2010

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Elder James Kingston
Mision Mexico Monterrey Oeste
Calle Chiapas #2202
Col. Roma Sur Monterrey N.L.
C.P. 64700

Acuna, Mexico


Monterrey Mexico Temple

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hey Family,
Wow sounds like your week was great! Thanks for the heads up on everything. Congratulations Kingston and Kai on your great games, and Jacosa for that opportunity you had to go to the studio of George Lucas.... Wow....how was it?? and hey Katrina should be having her baby soon right??? Let me know how everything is going with that...also dad sorry to here about what happened to your student, very sad... but like mom said how great it is to know the plan God has in store for us and that we all are going to have the chance to go back and live with our loved ones.... it's just sad that some people have to wait for death to find this out rather than know it here on earth and receive comfort from it.
Well here in Saltillo everything is going very good.... it is alot different than Monterrey and Acuña. It is very calm here. It would probably be like the Idaho of Mexico....lol it's hard at times staying busy here in this area due to nobody wanting to hear us but I know that's exactly what the adversary wants me to feel so I'm going to "put my shoulder to the wheel and push along"...haha (that just came in my mind) but we do have some new investigators that are pretty cool. When we went to bring them to church yesterday they weren't there...=( So we are going to go by today and check out what happened. Their names are Veronica and Juanita. If you guys could add them to your prayers that would be great.
I'm gonna have to keep this letter short because we have alot of things to do and such little time. Just know that I love you all and I'm so grateful for each and every one of you and the influence you all have had on me.
Thanks for everything.

oh and umm I have no clue if it would be cheaper in the US or here in Mexico to buy a camera...... I would think it would be cheaper here. Also, mom don't worry about the pictures, I put them all on a usb memory card before my camera was stolen.

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  1. Malo e lelei Elder Kingston, I'm Ese, from the other side of the family, Trina, Jacosa, and David's Aunty from Samoa, but now living in Tonga. It's great to read your blog, I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on your Good Work and to encourage you to keep it up. I know it must be hard being away from family. I'm sending my first Missionary this year on his mission, we are yet to get his call, but I was just interested to know how Missionaries feel hence being noisy on your blog. I love the pics, you must have the same talent Katrina have with photographs. Love the sambrello, is that what those big hats are called? forgotten the little Spanish I knew in High School. Thanks for the opportunity and all the best on the rest of your Mission and may the Lord open up more doors for you to convert. Keep Safe.
    Ofa atu, Ese Kava